Our Philosophy

I spent a decade as a professional cyclist in teams from around the world.


I have trained with and have been coached by the best. Pro Coaching, LLC is the sum of all of the knowledge I gleaned from the experience of pushing my physical limits on a bike in whatever way I could find. I made every mistake in the book so now, you do not have to do it.

The secret is this: simple training sessions completed in hyper-specific performance zones that provide a non-confusing stimulus to the body and quickly make it adapt to the training you have completed.

Let me give you a taste of this…


Would you train to run a marathon by going for really long extended walks for up to 6 hours long?  Absolutely not. So, why do the majority of cyclists spend hours and hours and hours in low zone 2 when they have to race or ride for no more than 35% of that time and at least 60% more effort?

I can tell you from experience, what you are doing right now is not training. You are just wasting your time.

My life is governed by the famous Albert Einstein quote “if you can not explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough”. My company embodies that philosophy from the ground up.

Pro Coaching would have changed my life and the trajectory of my career as a young professional cyclist and I built it so you will now know, the training you are exposing yourself to is unequivocally the right thing to do to realize incredible performance benefits just like the multitude of clients already under our roof.

This is the best performance coaching you’ll find anywhere in the world. Quite simply, we exist so you can realize your dreams.

Matt Green - Founder

Professional Ironman Athlete

Rob Brundish is a professional Ironman athlete. His first ironman was phenomenal and he recorded a time of 8hrs 39mins. He as been a professional athlete ever since. When he trained for that while he was in full-time work. He breaks from the norm in triathlon; he trains with principles he learned from cycling. It’s not about quantity. It’s all about quality. Rob is at the cutting edge of modern triathlon training

Professional Racing Cyclist

Ed Greene has been a cyclist since attending boarding school in South Africa from age 13. He rode for professional and amateur teams in Europe and in North America. Ed is vegetarian (when he can't be vegan while on the road) and has a unique perspective on how to balance personal food intake choices and training while still performing at his best and most consistant. 

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3 Tours Challenge

The biggest project Pro Coaching has undertaken.

Business leaders, award-winning chefs, and ex-footballers ride all 3 grand tours to raise $2,000,000 for chairty


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$130 / £100 Per 3 Months
  • Receive fully tailor made one-off 3 month training plan

  • Monthly contact with your coach

  • Training will be build around your projected schedule

  • Power profiling

  • Zone setting

  • Opportunity to attend training camps*

  • Training plan built around your projected schedule

  • No minimum contract


  • Training files only analyzed on re-up of plan

  • No changes to the plan will be made upon delivery

   $185 / £150 Per Month

  • Receive fully tailor made training plan once per month


  • Bi-weekly contact with your coach


  • Training will be build around your projected schedule


  • Power profiling


  • Zone setting


  • Opportunity to attend training camps*


  • Training plan built around your projected schedule


  • No minimum contract




  • No alterations will be made once training plan is delivered


  • Training files only analyzed twice per month

* Training camps offered at an extra cost
1 - ON - 1
$245 / £195 Per Month
  • No client-coach contact limits. We are available for you, whenever you need us


  • Totally custom plans


  • Full ride & race data analysis using whatever devices you currently own


  • Power profiling


  • Zone setting


  • Training built around your schedule


  • Season planning


  • Unlimited modification of plan to fit your needs


  • Opportunity to attend training camps*

  • Core Training


  • Full and thorough consultations to make sure we are the right fit for you as an athlete.


  • No minimum contract


  • In short, its everything you’d expect from 1-on-1 coaching

Let us analyze your training for you...

Our Mission Statement

to provide the most scientifically up to date training programs compiled with decades of collective professional experience. We work with the person as well as the data to provide a perfectly tailored training experience to help you achieve your ultimate goals at a price that provides the best value for money on the cycle coaching market.




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